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Healing Stones box with components
Printed gemstone box set shown open to reveal 12 stones and storage bag inside

Healing Stones Kit


This best-selling Healing Stones assortment has been redesigned with modern packaging which features silver foil and lay-flat format for easy use. Includes inspiring information about crystal properties and traditional healing practices.

Includes 12 Pocket-Sized Stones:
• Clear quartz (love + rejuvenation)
• Rose quartz (love + harmony)
• Lepidolite (calmness + hope)
• Amethyst (peace + aura clearing)
• Green aventurine (heart + motivation)
• Sodalite (logic + truth)
• Yellow jade (dreams + ambition)
• Orange calcite (appreciation + health)
• Carnelian (creativity + releasing grief)
• Dalmatian jasper (nurture + protection)
• Tiger eye (stability + beauty)
• Black obsidian (grounding + sincerity)

Packaging Features:
• Eye-catching gold foil details
• 100% cotton muslin drawstring bag
• Lay-flat package design for easy use
• Product life cycle and recycling information
• Box measures 5.25”L x 4.5”W x 1.25”H