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Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Fashion Tape Shapes


Stylists’ #1 choice (and Fashion Secret No. 2), Fashion Tape® Shapes cater to your unique garment style, keeping anything from strapless to sweetheart in place!

• Includes 24 double-stick Tape Shapes for a variety of styles
• Hypoallergenic, medical quality, and fabric-friendly
• Tape Shapes come housed in a little pink book that folds up conveniently for purse storage and travel

Kit Includes:
• Trapezoid shapes (4 pieces): Anchor sides of strapless styles and say good-bye to slips
• Curves (6 pieces): Keep off-the-shoulder, asymmetrical, and sweetheart necklines in place
• Wide strips (6 pieces): Secure scoop necks, plunging necklines, and halter styles
• Skinny strips (8 pieces): Hold up spaghetti straps and skinny shoe straps; hide peek-a-boo bra straps