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Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Shoe Comfort Kit


Strut your stuff sans suffering! The Shoe Comfort Kit creates ultimate fit and comfort for fussy footwear. Made with a proprietary formula of soothing IsoGel® material, this three-in-one kit provides shock absorption, protection for blisters and calluses, and better overall shoe fit! Soft, flexible, and easy to use, the Shoe Comfort Kit will eliminate the aches and pains of fashionable footwear, giving more "function" to "form"!

Includes One (1) Pair Each:
• Ball-of-foot cushions
• Heel liners
• Pressure spots 

Great For:
• Stilettos, sandals, boots, sneakers, and more!
• Improved sizing and fit of shoes
• Helping alleviate pressure points
• Preventing blisters by eliminating slipping and rubbing