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Hollywood Fashion Secrets Stylette: 10 Fashion & Beauty Essentials packaging
Contents of the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Stylette pour out of their black, white, and gold case

Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Stylette Fashion And Beauty Essentials Kit Black And White


Secret No. 31: Lift, hide, secure, tuck, tighten, hem. This adorable Black & White Stylette contains a clever collection of 10 style essentials to prevent any beauty blunders and wardrobe malfunctions so you can feel put-together and confident on the go!

Kit Includes:
• Six (6) Hollywood Fashion Tape strips
• Bra Converting Clip
• Deodorant Removing Sponge
• One (1) pair No-Show Nipple Concealers
• One (1) pair Garment Shields 
• Two (2) Eye Makeup Corrector & Remover Swabs
• 30 Lint Removing Sheets
• Leather Wipe
• Stain Wipe
• Nail File