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Blue hardcover of I Love You Dad (And Here's Why)
Page spread from a book with patterned blue left-hand page and a message for Dad on the right-hand page
Page spread with "These words make me think of you..." on the right, and a lined page on the right
Book page spread says, on the right-hand side, "It was in what you said in what you didn't say. It was in the work you did, the moments we shared, and all the things you made time for. Looking back, I see that your love was everywhere."

I Love You Dad (And Here's Why)


Give your dad the gift of a memory. Give him the gift of the stories you share, written in your own words. And when you’re finished, this book will be a keepsake—a commemoration of his love, his hard work, and everything he means to you. Hardcover; 64 pages.