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In Focus: Tarot


Tarot cards and readings have been used since the eighteenth century as a divination tool in seeking answers to past, present, and future events, in addition to guidance and support. Their popularity continues to this day. But how do you start? With In Focus Tarot, author and professional reader Steven Bright breaks down the essentials so you can start reading tarot cards right away.

Bright first thoroughly explains each of the Major and Minor Arcanas, outlining for each card its general meaning, the card interpreted as a situation, the card interpreted as a person, questions to help you relate a card’s message on a personal level, keywords that give quick and handy meanings for the card, and meanings of the card if reversed.

Then learn how to put your knowledge to work using both traditional and newer tarot card placements (called tarot spreads). You’ll also find professional tips and tricks to becoming a successful tarot reader. Included inside the back cover is a beautifully illustrated 18” x 24” wall chart of the Major Arcana tarot cards to inspire and guide you each day. Hardcover; 192 pages.