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Blue 3 ounce bottle of Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer with diamond-shaped white and black label with red accents
Thick applications of white Industrial Strength Hand Healer are staged with amber oil capsules

Jack Black - Industrial Strength Hand Healer


A non-greasy formula providing instant relief for dry, chapped, or cracked hands. Intensive moisturizers and special conditioners help diminish tough calluses and heal unsightly cuticles. The unique formula dries to a smooth finish, leaving minimal residue on hands.

Key Ingredients:
• Vitamin A is an effective antioxidant that can also help strengthen the outer layer of skin.
• Vitamin E, known as an antioxidant superstar, works to protect cells against free-radical damage.
• Liposomes, through a targeted ingredient delivery system, encapsulate vitamins and moisturizers, preserving them at full potency in order to deliver maximum, sustained benefits to skin.
• Macadamia Nut Oil is an extremely high quality oil with an exceptionally small molecule that helps soften and hydrate skin, providing a protective barrier from moisture loss.
• Glycerin is a humectant which helps replenish and maintain skin’s moisture balance.

How to Use:
Apply a small amount to palms and backs of hands (which have the fewest and smallest oil glands, so they tend to get the driest) anytime they feel dry or rough. Also very effective on rough elbows and feet.