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White 4 ounce bottle of K18 Biomimetic Hair Science AirWash Dry Shampoo with purple stripe on a purple backdrop
Model's hand dispenses a fine mist from a bottle of K18 AirWash Dry Shampoo next to the caption, "Highly concentrated formula = less is more; Use less. Reapply less. Start fresh. Eliminates oil and reduces odor. Keeps working for up to 3 days."
Side-by-side comparison of model's hair and roots before and after using K18 AirWash Dry Shampoo
Side-by-side comparison of model's hair and roots before and after using K18 AirWash Dry Shampoo

K18 - AirWash Dry Shampoo


The future of clean, powered by biotech. Non-aerosol dry shampoo features newly patented odorBIND™ smart-release biotechnology for clinical elimination of odors, oil reduction, and results for up to three days.

Key Benefits:
• Made with translucent microbeads to absorb excess oil without visible starchy buildup or white cast.
• odorBIND™ smart-release biotechnology recognizes, traps, and eliminates odor-causing molecules and replaces odors with a subtle fragrance for a clean, fresh feel for up to three days.
• Helps balance scalp sebum to promote a healthy scalp between washes and minimizes excess buildup.
• Deeply cleanses without feeling gritty for a run-your-fingers-through clean feel and look.
• Non-aerosol high-performance formula lasts up to three days and is highly concentrated so you can go longer between washes.

Key Ingredients:
• Translucent, Porous Microbeads absorb excess oil without starchy buildup or a visible residue/white cast.
• odorBIND™ Smart-Release Biotechnology actually recognizes and captures odor-causing sweat and oil molecules and eliminates them, replacing the odor with a subtle, easily layered fragrance.
• Biotech-Derived Mediterranean Microalgae helps balance the scalp and control excess oil production over time.

How to Use:
Shake well. Hold bottle 4-6 inches away from scalp for even distribution and start with one spray per section, increasing to up to three sprays perfection as needed. Massage in and brush or style as usual. May feel slightly damp but will not disturb your style.