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Pack of six fluffy cotton hair scrunchies made from recycled materials on a Kitsch product card: two are white, two are cream-colored, and two are brown
Two white, two cream, and two brown fluffy cotton hair scrunchies spread out
Six black thick fluffy cotton hair scrunchies laid flat
Model wears a fluffy black cotton hair scrunchie in a low ponytail
Smiling model wears a thick white fluffy cotton hair scrunchie in a low ponytail
Six fluffy black recycled cotton hair scrunchies on a Kitsch product card

Kitsch - 6-Piece Cotton Fluffy Ponies Scrunchies

  • KFP Black
  • KFP Neutral

Organic Cotton Fluffy Ponies are a staple for any kind of hair day and elevate your essentials with a chic, classic (and cozy) design. Their unique fluffiness makes them the perfect addition to your wrist or ponytail, while their organic cotton material is style-made-sustainable.