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Leopard print Recycled Fabric Scrunchie hangs from a light pink Kitsch product card
White hair scrunchie with frayed material
Smiling model wears a frayed white hair scrunchie in a topknot
Smiling model wears a leopard print hair scrunchie in a messy topknot
Model wears a frayed black hair scrunchie in a low bun
Black hair scrunchie with frayed material
Tan and black leopard print hair scrunchie
Black satin hair scrunchie with small rhinestones attached

Kitsch - Brunch Scrunchie

  • Black Satin Rhinestone
  • Frayed Linen: Black
  • Frayed Linen: White
  • Leopard

This adorable scrunchie is the perfect addition for dressing up any outfit with a delicate touch of femininity. About 6” in diameter.