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Kitsch Eco-Friendly Shower Cap packaging with palm leaf print cap partially visible through teardrop-shaped window in packaging
Model wears a palm leaf printed shower cap with bow
Two-step instructions with diagram for how to wear the Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap.
Model wears a black and white striped shower cap with bow
Smiling model wears a black and white floral print shower cap with bow in front
Model wears a light pink and gold dot printed shower cap with bow
Model wears a tie dye print shower cap with ruched band

Kitsch - Luxe Shower Cap

  • KLSC Black And White Stripe
  • KLSC Floral
  • KLSC Leopard
  • KLSC Palm Leaves
  • KLSC Pink And Gold Dot
  • KLSC Sunset Tie Dye

Fully waterproof and engineered for rapid drying, these chic shower caps feature trendy prints to elevate your bathing experience. Enhanced with a non-slip silicone grip for secure fit and designed for maximum comfort during wear, they leave no indentations on skin after use. Versatile and functional, they’re also perfect for use during hair conditioning treatments.