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Pack of three pink No-Slip Croc Clips by Kitsch
Three pink crocodile clips by Kitsch
Model wears two light pink Kitsch crocodile clips in a twisted-up style

Kitsch - No-Slip Crocodile Clips: Blush


These heavy-duty Croc Clips are a hair stylist’s most essential tool. Perfect for holding large sections of hair in place during coloring, cutting, and styling, they work with wet or dry hair of all types. Ergonomic finger rests help stylists work quickly without fumbling, and they’re perfect for at-home styling, too!

Features & Benefits:
• Wide-toothed grip secures large sections of hair
• Non-slip silicone coating is ideal for working with heavy, wet hair
• Textured, no-slip finger rests
• Hinged design adjust to bulk and won’t leave a dent
• Three (3) clips per pack