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Metallic purple Lapcos Ceramid Firming sheet mask packet with white lettering and graphic
Model removes Ceramide Firming sheet mask from packet and unfolds it

LAPCOS - Ceramide Firming Sheet Mask


The skin barrier is vital to your overall health and determines how hydrated, smooth, and elastic your skin looks and feels. Protect and nourish your barrier with this Ceramide mask, which helps to protect skin cells from damage and gives them the energy to revitalize themselves. The barrier is then better able to retain moisture and build strength and resilience for soft, supple skin. Thin, soft, lightweight TMF-cell sheet material is composed of 100% natural microfiber for a comfortable fit and is hypoallergenic to suit sensitive skin types.

Ideal for These Concerns:
Dryness and dehydration, weakened skin barrier, congestion, dullness

Key Benefits:
• Repairs and builds up the skin barrier
• Prevents moisture loss and rehydrates skin
• Helps clear up breakouts while preventing new blemishes from forming
• Cruelty-free, alcohol-free

Key Ingredients:

• Ceramides are essential lipids that make up 50% of the skin’s composition and form the natural skin barrier, helping to keep moisture sealed in and impurities barricaded out.

• Caffeine Extracts derived from natural Coffea canephora (green coffee beans) hold powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to stimulate circulation and reenergize skin.

• Multifaceted plant extract Allantoin combats dryness by exfoliating dead skin to let moisture through while boosting collagen synthesis and cell renewal, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion.

How to Use:
Cleanse and tone face. Remove single-use mask from packaging, unfold, and situate on face. Leave on 10-20 minutes. Remove and gently pat remaining essence into skin. Apply any remaining essence to neck and body as desired.