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Grouping of three coil tweezers with metallic tips
A model demonstrates how to use the Twist-N-Roll Tweezer
Diagram of Twist-N-Roll Tweezer mobility
Instructions for use of the Twist-N-Roll Tweezer
Coil tweezer with metallic gold tips
Coil tweezer with metallic pink tips
Coil tweezer with metallic silver tips

Twist-N-Roll Tweezers

  • L Metallic Gold
  • L Metallic Pink
  • L Metallic Silver

The 100% natural, easy, and safe solution to gently remove unwanted hair from the root, Twist-N-Roll Tweezers use a hair-threading technique to make your skin soft, smooth, and fuzz-free.

Features & Benefits:
• Can be used without a mirror
• Can be used over makeup
• Very portable; can be stored easily in a purse or pouch

How to Use:
1.) Use a hot towel to open pores and soften skin.
2.) Bend tweezer into a lowercase “n” shape (as pictured) and place spring against skin.
3.) Turn handles to roll spring upwards. Facial hair will be pulled as you move tweezer upward.

Care Guide:
Wipe stainless steel coil clean with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Please note that handles are plastic with a metallic paint finish.