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Tub of Lollia bath salts with shiny gold lid secured by a pink floral-patterned sticker label
An opened tub of Lollia bath salts reveals a white drawstring bag inside. Salts are scattered in front around and in a gold spoon

Lollia - Breathe Fine Bathing Salts


Embrace an elegant escape. Melt your worries away with a luxurious sea salt soak that’s delightfully fragranced and richly relaxing. Soothing the senses with uplifting notes of Peony, White Lily, and Grapefruit, this blissful bath time retreat leaves skin silky-soft and the mind rejuvenated.

Gold accents and a reflective lid add brilliant shine to this gorgeous glass jar and tub-side keepsake. Inside, a delicate linen drawstring bag holds the luxurious salt granules, paired with a golden spoon to add an extra dose of luxury to your bath time ritual. Makes an elegant gift and a lavish at-home treat. 

20 oz. / 567 g