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Cylindrical candle tin with black silkscreened celestial themed designs and a black lid label
Metallic gold moon candle lays on a stone surface next to an opened tin lid with black-tipped matches inside on patterned orange and gray fabric

Midnight Cenote Totem Candle + Matches


Midnight Cenote: Black oud and cypress wood mingled with earthly, herbal sage. Contains all-natural amyris, bay red, bergamot, cypress, elemi, and sage oils.

Totem candle is designed with a lid that stores matches and features a striker on the bottom, so you have everything you need to help light your path. Metallic gold glass is silk-screened with nature, animal, and spirit world iconography. Burn it to empower you on your journey or add a bit of glam to your holiday mantel.

• 120-hour burn time
• Gold metallic glass
• Silk-screened design
• Matching tin lid
• Striker on bottom
• Includes about 80 matches
• Stands 5” tall x 3.25” dia.