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Millennial AF game box
Spread of Millennial AF game cards with, "Who's most likely to... Send a professional email, forgetting that work isn't spelled W-E-R-K" featured
Three sample Millennial AF game cards
Illustrated Millennial AF game instructions

Millennial AF Game


The “Who’s most likely to…?” generational game

What is a millennial? It’s a pretty common question on Google. The millennial generation has generated more intrigue than any other, and Millennial AF will reveal the biggest bottomless brunching, quinoa-munching, Insta-fluencing millennial in your group. You’ll be surprised just how millennial we all are….

• For 4+ players
• 120 cards containing typical behaviors and traits of the millennial generation
• All tropes posed as, “Who’s most likely to…?” questions
• Players vote and the cards get assigned