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6.8 ounce bottle of Mizani Wonder Crown scalp cleanser
Sample droplet of Mizani Wonder Crown scalp cleanser
Before and after using Mizani Wonder Crown

Mizani - Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre-Cleanse


This foaming and non-stripping pre-cleanser removes product buildup from the scalp while prepping it for styling. Thanks to a direct-to-scalp applicator nozzle, this formula is easy to apply to protective styles.

This foaming pre-cleanser removes buildup, dirt, and oil, cleanses and visibly balances the scalp, and preps the scalp for styling.

How to Use:
For use on dry hair. Using the directional nozzle, apply to scalp in 1/4-inch partings. Massage into scalp before adding water. Adding water will fully activate the foam. Emulsify for one minutes then let sit for one minute more. Rinse out and follow with your preferred Mizani shampoo and conditioner.