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Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck


Connect to the powerful, ancient magic of animal spirits through Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck, a deluxe card deck from Grace Duong, founder and designer of Mystic Mondays. Discover the attributes of each of 66 creatures from land, sea, and sky using this beautiful, graphic oracle deck. From panthers to dolphins, the most captivating and magical animals under the stars are rendered in stunning colors and vivid details on these durable divination cards. An accompanying 144-page guidebook features animal profiles and enchanted rituals, including connections to astrological signs, super-charged intentions, and powerful crystals. Housed in a magnetic-closure keepsake box with a separate, shrink-wrapped interior travel box for the cards, this one-of-a-kind collection is a must-have for modern mystics.