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NCLA Beauty Lemonade Lip Treatment Set carton with kit contents: pots of balm and scrub with heart-shaped yellow textured scrubber balanced on top, all flanked by pieces of lemon
Smiling model touching tip of index finger to lower lip holds opened pots of Lemonade lip balm and scrub in front of face

NCLA Beauty - All Natural Lip Treatment Duo: Lemonade


Get some lemon-aid for your lips! Intense, natural, and vegan treatment in succulent citrus scent incorporates Sugar, Sugar lip scrub to gently exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten, and Balm Babe lip balm to soothe and nourish lips. Each set comes with a silicone lip scrubber for use with Sugar, Sugar lip scrub.

Set Includes:

• One (1) 10 ml/0.34 oz. Balm Babe Lemonade Lip Balm
A clean, natural and vegan lip balm that  intensely soothes and nourishes lips. Formulated with shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, Balm Babe leaves lips smooth and hydrated.

• One (1) 15 ml/0.5 oz. Sugar, Sugar Lemonade Lip Scrub
A gentle, all-natural and vegan lip scrub that cleanses, gently exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens lips. Formulated with fine sugar, shea butter, and agave nectar, Sugar, Sugar gently exfoliates while Vitamins C and E hydrate and brighten for the sweetest lips.

• One (1) Silicone Lip Scrubber
A gentle and adorable heart-shaped silicone lip scrubber. Use with Sugar Sugar lip scrub to scrub in circular motions for added exfoliation and circulation.

How to Use:
Apply a scoop of Sugar, Sugar scrub onto clean, dry lips. Massage in with silicone lip scrubber using circular motions. Wipe or rinse clean. Follow with a thin coating of Balm Babe for maximum hydration and lasting moisture.