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Pink No Mo-Stache Gift Set box with flower and mustache design features and contents shown through window
Contents of the No Mo-Stache Gift Set: wax strips, mini tweezer, soothing oil, and ingrown hair serum

No Mo-Stache - 4 Piece Gift Set


Your best wax starts here! First, apply the No Mo-Stache hypoallergenic wax strips to remove the peach fuzz around your face. Then tweeze away any excess hairs with thoughtfully-crafted No Mo-Stache mini tweezers. Finally, soothe your skin with lavender-infused post-wax oil, and apply the No Mo-Bumps Ingrown Eliminator with tea tree oil for a comfortable finish.

Set Includes:

• No Mo-Stache Portable Facial Hair Removal Strips - Hypoallergenic wax strips to clean up the unwanted hair anywhere around your lips and face.

• Mini Stainless Steel Tweezer - For weeding out those pesky hairs that literally appeared out of nowhere.

• No Mo-Stache Post Wax Grape Seed Soothing Oil - Crafted to soothe your skin and leaving it comfortable and plump.

No Mo-Bumps Ingrown Hair Eliminating Serum - Formulated with Tea Tree Oil (anti-inflammatory agent that helps heal acne and reduce scars), Lavender Oil (kills bacteria in the fight to heal acne breakouts), Aloe Vera (unclogs pores and prevents bumps to help nourish and heal skin), Avena Sativa Oat Kernel (soothes and moisturizes itchy skin to act as an effective anti-irritant), and Canadian Willowherb Extract (accelerates wound healing to rejuvenate skin).