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Black bottle of OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum with green lettering
Bottle and removed brush applicator lid of OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum rest on a green surface dotted with moisture
Model's hand holding a bottle of OPI Repair Mode is labeled, "First Ever Bond Building Nail Serum with Patented Ulti-Plex Technology™"
Model's hands holding a bottle of OPI Repair Mode next to label reading, "Apply 2x a day for 6 days to repair your nail keratin."
Side-by-side comparison of a model's fingernail before and after using OPI Repair Mode 2 times a day for 6 days

OPI - Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum


Meet the first-ever bond-building nail serum with Patented Ulti-Plex Technology™ that repairs nail keratin structure by penetrating the nail surface to build new bonds from within. The result? 99% nail keratin repair* and stronger, smoother nails. Mic drop.

Wanna CTRL + ALT+ DEL nail damage? Repair Mode™. Wanna prevent nail damage from things like hand washing or cleaning products? Ding ding ding! Repair Mode™. This breakthrough bond-building nail serum completely reprograms your nails, resulting in 99% nail keratin repair when used as directed. Nails look improved after the first application, and with continued use, you can expect smoother, stronger nails that are resistant to breakage and an improved appearance of ridges and color. It's repair like never before.

Features & Benefits:
• 99% nail keratin repair
• 94% protection of keratin protein from damage
• 4X stronger nails in 6 days when used as directed
• Vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients or byproducts
• Free of: Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, xylene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), camphor, parabens, ethyl tosylamide, and triphenyl phosphate
• Cap made with post-consumer recycled materials

How to Use:
Apply one layer twice a day on bare nails for six days for maximum efficacy With zero dry time, apply it on the go or even before bed.