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Popmask - 5 Self-Warming Sleep Masks

  • Jet Setter (Jasmine)
  • Sleepover (Rose)
  • Starry Eyes (Fragrance-Free)

Self-Warming Eye Masks are your “calm in a pouch,” giving you some well-earned relaxation time whenever and wherever you need it. Single-use p atches begin warming within 30 seconds and hold heat for 20 minutes. Ear loops provide a secure fit while you lie back and relax, nap, dose, daydream, meditate, or unplug!

Sleepover option is Rose scented
Jet Setter option is Jasmine scented
Starry Eyes option is fragrance-free

Why Self-Heating Masks?
• Help fight headache and migraine pain
• Soothe dry, sore eyes after a long day of staring at screens
• Relieve uncomfortable sinus pressure during illness or allergy season
• Warmth helps increase circulation in the skin around eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles