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Queen Bee - Set The Tone


Set the Tone is an easy-to-use exfoliant and toner than helps prevent and control breakouts on face, body, back, and bottom. An all-over spritz, Set the Tone is designed for full-body use and hard-to-reach places for the prevention and treatment of acne, oily skin, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, whiteheads, and more. Salicylic acid (AHA) and lactic acid (BHA) help dissolve dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oils associated with acne, bacne, keratosis pilaris, whiteheads, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Cooling camphor helps relieve irritated skin an leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Who Is This for?
All ages, genders, and skin types with a focus on those with acneic and oily skin. Perfect for after workouts, swimming or hot tubbing, shaving, and waxing.

How to Use:
Use daily on areas of concern. Spray evenly and not too close to face, allow to dry. For better results, spray on damp skin and allow to dry. Keep away from eyes.