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Pack of Groovy Nailz by Rave Nailz feature 24 pink and brown press-on nails with jewel embellishments
Model wears Rave Nailz Groovy Nailz while tying a rollers skate lace
Model wears the Groovy Nailz by Rave Nailz

Rave Nailz - Groovy Jeweled Extra Long Press On Nailz


Groovy Nailz are an ultra-long coffin nail. All 24 nails have a unique design featuring groovy swirls and hearts in shades of pastel brown, pink, orange, and purple scented with tiny crystals. These bejeweled 70s-style nails are show-stoppers.

Pack includes 24 nails in a range of sizes, nail glue, and nail file.