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Pink 5-ounce can of Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo with black accents and white lettering
Side-by-side comparison of model's hair before and after using Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo
Model's hand dispenses a fine powdery plume from a can of Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo against a black background

Redken - Invisible Dry Shampoo


Completely residue-free, fragrance-free dry shampoo soaks up oils for 1-3 days after washing.

Features & Benefits:
• Dark hair approved
• Leaves behind no residue
• Formulated with potato starch
• Fragrance-free
• Perfect for 1-3 day oils absorption
• Silicone-free, sulfate-free, talc-free

How to Use:
Shake well. Spray on roots to ends from about 10 inches away. Massage into scalp with fingertips and brush hair thoroughly until powder is fully removed.