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Blue, black, and white 5 ounce pot of Redken Pliable Paste
Sample dollop of Redken Pliable Paste is labeled, "Pliable texture = flexible hold"
Pot of Redken Pliable Paste is labeled with key features: Flexible, lightweight hold; No flaking; and Re-workable alongside icons representing each
Side-by-side comparison of model's short hair before and after blow drying with Redken One United and Pliable Paste
Three-step styling process using Redken One United and Pliable Paste with pictures
Model applies hair styler under the caption, "PRO TIP: Use less for more natural styles, or add more to build hold as needed"

Redken - Rewind Pliable Paste


Pliable, medium-hold texturizing hair paste that allows you to create versatile styles on any hair length. Leaves hair looking supple, not stiff, doesn’t flake or build up, and shampoos out easily. Strong enough to let you play around with your style all day but light enough that it won’t weigh it down.

Key Benefits:
• Medium control paste
• Stays moist and flexible so you can rearrange styles
• Won’t weigh hair down

How to Use:
Rub in hands and apply through damp or dry hair. Shape, mold, or twist hair into your desired style.