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Green 250 ml can of Redken Root Tease spray with black design elements and lid
A can of Redken Root Tease is labeled with its key benefits represented by infographics: Root targeting spray nozzle, lasting hold, fast drying, vegan formula
Closeup of the horizontal spray nozzle on a can of Redken Root Tease
Side-by-side comparison of model's hair before and after blowing dry and styling with Redken Root Tease spray
A fine mist of Redken Root Tease is dispensed from a can under the caption, "Do spray Root Tease on the roots for instant backcombed volume. Don't overuse! A little goes a long way!"
A can of Redken Root Tease is captioned, "100% vegan formula (no animal derived ingredients)"

Redken - Root Tease Quick Tease Root Targeting Spray


Root Tease Backcombing Spray is a medium control hairspray that provides long-lasting root lift for a teased, texturized, matte finish. Formerly Quick tease 15, this professional finishing hairspray dispenses a horizontal mist designed to create lift at the roots, add texture, and control unwanted frizz. Add instant body to any style for an easy backcombed, voluminous effect.

Features & Benefits:
• Medium control spray
• Creates lift at the roots
• Full-bodied, matte finish
• Three benefits in one: volume, texture, and control
• Finishes any style with volume and lasting hold

How to Use:
Spray onto roots and backcomb for extreme lift. Spray on dry hair to add texture and medium control. Use with your customized styling regimen.