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Blue and black can of Redken Spray Wax Wax Blast
Can of Redken Spray Wax is labeled with its key benefits accented by infographics: Satin-matte finish, medium control, texture & definition
Side-by-side comparison of model's hair before and after styling with Redken Spray Wax
Two-step instructions with pictures of how to style hair with Redken Spray Wax
A fine mist is dispensed from a can of Redken Spray Wax below the caption, "Pro tip: To give any style a satin-matte finish, use spray wax as the last step of your styling routine"

Redken - Wax Blast Spray Wax


Spray Wax Invisible Texture Mist is a medium-control wax aerosol hairspray that delivers a tousled look with a satin-matte finish. Texturizing hairspray is a wax styling product that features a Micro-Wax Complex for instant undone texture control and texturized, tousled looks. Spray Wax adds volume, body, and dimension without that waxy feel, resulting in a rough-textured look with low-to-medium hold and control. Ideal for creating separation and layered looks with volume. Lifts dry hair to push and mold it into your preferred shape and size.

Features & Benefits:
• Medium control aerosol wax
• Instant undone texture
• Adds body and dimension with a satin-matte finish
• No waxy feel

How to Use:
Shake well. Mist on damp or dry hair. Shape into desired style with hands.