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The Invitation book on wooden surface next to pink bottle and wooden ring dish
Open page spread of The Invitation
Open page of Chapter 5 of The Invitation with a bottle of Rosebud Woman Arouse Stimulating Serum resting in the crease

Rosebud Woman - The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self


In this book written by Rosebud Woman founder, Christine Marie Mason, and beautifully illustrated by artist Ouvra, we look at our bodies, especially the usually-ignored parts, and how we love and care for them. We learn about our parts and how they interact. We have a conversation on touch, relaxation, strengthening, nourishing, and nurturing them. We look into how our intimate parts rest in the pelvic bowl, which rests in the body, which is infused with blood and all the good and bad materials circulating therein. Our bodies live harnessed to our thoughts, inextricably tied to our environment. Rosebud Woman hopes this book will spark a deeper awakening to all the ways you might be in wonder at the miracle of your own body, and cherish yourself more.