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Shea Brand - Organic Lavender Witch Hazel Spray


A mild toner perfect for minimizing pores and drawing dirt from skin, this blend makes for a calming and cleansing mist with the added benefit of relaxing aromatherapy. Lavender and witch hazel are both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and are great for reducing acne and irritation. Organic Lavender Witch Hazel Spray can also provide a feeing of soothing relief when sprayed on sunburn, or as a room mist that is both uplifting and restorative to the senses.

This type of witch hazel, a 14% distilled organic alcohol, has been used for centuries to wash wounds, clear rashes and dandruff, and calm irritated skin. You can use witch hazel sprays to diminish blackheads, soak up sweat on a hot day, set makeup, deodorize clothes (or armpits), add texture to hair, and soothe skin.

2 oz. bottle

How to Use:
Hold at arm’s length and aim toward face and neck. Spray until skin is evenly coated and feels refreshed. Great for all skin types.

Organic Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil