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Bottle of Somebody Everyday Invigorating Facial Cleanser
Pink bottle of Somebody Everyday Invigorating Facial Cleanser against a blue background is staged with light blue and yellow structural shapes
Smiling model massages foamy white cleanser into cheeks

Somebody - Everyday Invigorating Face Cleanser


Packed with vitamin B5, this gentle yet invigorating cleanser for face is perfect for washing away dirt and balancing oil levels in the skin. It cleanses while improving water retention and elasticity, resulting in a silky look and feel.

Features & Benefits:
• Good for all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination, and normal
• Vitamin B5, also called Panthenol, offers an array of benefits to skin, including helping to hydrate and lock in moisture while encouraging the production of new, healthy skin cells—plumping skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the process
• Extra-sudsy, satisfying to use, and comes with a hint of refreshing Citrus scent
• Bottle is made with recycled plastic

Key Ingredients:
• Provitamin B5 is incredibly effective at hydrating, cleansing, and improving skin elasticity.
• Fruit Extracts promote growth of new, healthy cells, promising a vibrant look and feel.
• Aloe Vera is a renowned anti-inflammatory that boosts collagen production in skin.

How to Use:
Gently massage a pea-sized amount onto damp face using circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.