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Hexagonal purple amethyst stone necklace on a SoulKu product card that says, "Strengthens healing for body, mind and spirit"
Faceted purple hexagonal amethyst on gold cord rests on a piece of raw white quartz
Model wears a faceted purple amethyst stone necklace partially backlit by sunlight
Necklace chain extender at the back of a model's neck

SoulKu - Sacred Geometry Necklace: Amethyst To Heal


Gemstone necklace features a hexagonal amethyst for healing mind, body, and spirit, backed by the Flower of Life which is the holy grail of Sacred Geometry—said to contain every pattern of creation, it’s a representation of the universe in perfect balance and harmony. Necklace is handcrafted by a community of moms in Asheville, NC.

Additional Features:
• 8mm x 11mm hand-cut faceted hexagonal amethyst gemstone
• Super strong and durable Mighty Miracle nylon cord
• Sterling silver hardware with lobster clasp and 2” chain extender
•16” length; can be adjusted up to 18”
• FSC certified card