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Dish sponges with cross-stitch artwork including the messages, "Clean up your act" and "Not gonna wash themselves" with gold frame and suction cups
Cross-stitch artwork dish sponges include these messages: Dishes Be Damned; Not Gonna Wash Themselves; Clean Up Your Act; and Fuck Dish Shit
Subversive Sponges on kitchen countertop, one in a frame and two separate
Model's hand place a Fuck Dish Shit cross-stitch dish sponge into a small golden frame

Subversive Kitchen Sponges


Doing the dishes brings out the surly side in all of us. Show them how you really feel about tedious tasks with Subversive Sponges! Set includes four unique embroidered poly sponges with a PP gold frame that stands on our countertop or suctions to your sink or tile. Frame measures about 6”W x 4”H x 1.5”D.