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The Housewives Tarot Deck: A Domestic Divination Kit


You've never seen tarot cards like these before. Imagine the celebrated Ryder deck infused with the spirit of Leave It to Beaver…. The Housewives Tarot—a dazzling retro interpretation of a classic divination system. With illustrations of martini glasses (cups), mops and brooms (wands), Duncan Hines chocolate cake (the Devil), wood-paneled station wagons (the Chariot), bathroom scales (Judgment), and other 1950s iconography, these tarot cards can answer all of life's most challenging questions. The enclosed instruction book shows you how to interpret all 78 cards—and describes how to assemble them using five different layouts: the Virgin Spread, the Neapolitan Spread, the Clothesline Spread, the Dinette Spread, and the Martini Spread. The secrets of The Housewives Tarot await you!