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Predominantly blue box of The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck & Guidebook box with silver and gold details and snake insignia in the center
Opened box of The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck & Guidebook with book, hexagonal box, and cards shown

The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck And Guidebook


Alchemy weaves together the physical and mystical aspects of our lives. The planets, metals, colors, and seasons act as symbols for reflection and open the gateway to the imagination. Now, in this stunning new oracle deck, author Kim Krans introduces the magic of alchemy to all those willing to explore, observe, and invoke transformation. Sitting within a beautiful keepsake box lies a 224-page hand-lettered, fully illustrated guidebook that demystifies the esoteric world of Alchemy, and 71 easy-to-shuffle hexagonal cards divided into six suits: The Cosmic Forces, The Colors, The Seasons, The Materials, The Mysteries, and The Operations. A work of art, The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck & Guidebook will call to readers drawn to personal reflection and growth, and seekers ready to find new realms of spiritual depth.