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Opened 15-shade Unicorn Snot Face & Body Paint palette with brush and blue box
Model wears neon face paint in streaks and splatters that glow under a blacklight
Model wears DayGlo face paint including that which resembles a heart monitor line tracing that glows pink and purple under a blacklight
Model's face is fully covered in colorful DayGlo paint streaks
Model's arm is painted with mirrored rainbows in stripes of purple, blue, teal, orange, red-orange, and neon coral surrounding black and yellow half-circles

Unicorn Snot - DayPaint: Water Activated Face + Body Paint


Say hello to the palette of your (fever) dreams. Daypaint works just like regular watercolors except you’re the canvas. These cosmetic-grade colors pop like crazy in daylight, but if you slide under a blacklight you’ll see the real magic happen. Palette includes 15 electric shades of water-activated face and body paint—including soft mattes, shimmery metallics, and neons that really glow!—and an artist brush. Cruelty-free and vegan.

How to Use:
Dip the included brush in a bit of water and mix paint evenly. Apply directly to your skin. It dries fast and is very buildable for those who want to create more nuanced or elaborate body art. Daypaint stays on for hours, then washes off easily with soap and water.