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Black Wisdom Cosmic Crystal Collection box with crystals shown in the foreground
Wisdom Cosmic Crystal Collection box shown open with crystals inside and out

Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection


Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection is the perfect supplement to the Awake: Inner Wisdom Cards. This 5-piece stone pack features modern black and white packaging and a folded 10-page guidebook with infographics. Topics include highlights from the Awake card deck, expanding upon using crystals in ceremony, dreamwork, and accessing inner wisdom.

Use the Wisdom crystals in intention-setting practices, to aid in dream recall and interpretation, to lead with compassion for yourself and others, and to help navigate the unknown future of your life path. Reach up to the cosmos to access dreams, wisdom, and guidance from the light of your soul. Ground the revitalizing energy into your human body through ceremony and mindfulness practices. Enjoy the dream that is your life!

Kit Includes:
• Box and accordion fold book with soft-touch finish
• One (1) natural clear quartz point, 2”L
• Four (4) polished stones (up to 1”L): lapis lazuli, black onyx, xiuyan jade, and rose quartz